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AV at Embassy Suites Charleston, SC by AV Connections

AV at Embassy Suites Charleston SC


AV Connections of Charleston, SC is the proud preferred provider for AV at Embassy Suites Charleston in downtown Charleston’s historic district on Marion Square Park. One of the most central and historically impressive hostel properties in Charleston, Embassy Suites is the imposing and impressive pink castle hotel at the square center of peninsular Charleston, once the original home of the Citadel. Marion Park, the green space directly ahead and south of the hotel you see in the photo above looks like it was a parade ground because indeed it was the Citadel’s original marching space.

Conference and meeting organizers looking for a hotel hospitality space in the Lowcountry look often to Embassy Suites Charleston to give their attendees and guests a complete and charming place in which to meet and a complete immerison in the beauty of historic Charleston. With ballrooms and separate meeting rooms the hotel is equipped to handle conferences of several hundred attendees. Breaks and other events are also held in the soaring central atrium of the hotel with is also a wonderful space for galas and evening event.

AV Connections provides conference technology for conference, meetings, and events thought the hotel and conference facility.



AV at Embassy Suites Charleston SC

Cooper River Room AV rentals and event lighting by AV Connections of Charleston

Cooper River Room AV and event lighting Cooper River Room AV and event lighting

We really were in luck with a clear blue sky and sunny day for a recent Cooper River Room AV rentals and event lighting job just over the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, SC. With a panoramic view of the Ashley River as it leads south to meet the Cooper River on the tip of the Charleston Peninsula, the Cooper River Room commands one of the finest views of the Low Country’s tidal basin of all of Charleston’s event venues. Often a favorite for picture-perfect weddings and parties, the Cooper River Room is also a meeting and conference venue. Easily accessible from Patriots Point hotels and by car from downtown Charleston, the Cooper River Room is quickly becoming a favorite of event planners in both the celebration and business markets.

Cooper River Room AV and event lighting Cooper River Room AV and event lighting

AV Connections was called on to provide Cooper River Room AV rentals and event lighting for a recent investor-partners meeting of the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau. We are pleased to serve this organization which assists most of Charleston’s businesses in one function or another with it’s various sales, support, and marketing arms. The CVB has been a strategic partner to Charleston’s business community and government in creating a city the world loves to visit for dozens of reasons. Certainly, the CVB partnership has helped to drive the four-year running Number One City in the World to Visit ranking as voted on by Conde Nast readers.

Generally, about 250 guest partners are expected for each of the CVB monthly meetings, over the past year AV Connections has provided audiovisual rentals for most of the CVB event venues. The Cooper River is one of our favorites, it was great to see it used for meetings. So often we are in this room or in a tent on the great lawn installing  wedding lighting designs. This was really an opportunity to showcase the site for another purpose and keep us all mindful that the Cooper River Room is not just for weddings!

The Cooper River Room is accessible by Mt. Pleasant’s wonderful Waterfront Park. We encourage you to visit this location if you are visiting us in Charleston, it is a photo-taking opportunity not to be missed and will make a great Charleston memory.

Audiovisual at Charleston Harbour Club by AV Connections

Audiovisual at Charleston Harbour Club


AV Connections has recently been back to one of Charleston’s best meeting and power lunch venues, The Charleston Harbour Club; to provide meeting audiovisual at Charleston Harbour Club. A historic building in the heart of Charleston’s renowned cobble-stoned original colonial city, the Harbor Club is the perfect place to host out of town meeting attendees and give them a real feel for Charleston’s four hundred year history.

With both indoor and outdoor facilities for hosting celebrations and conferences, the Harbor Club is both refined and elegant. During the year it sees as many power meetings as weddings. It boasts a huge outdoor terrace for which we often provide wedding lighting as well. The terrace commands an incredible view of the Charleston Harbor on the Ashley River and the Ravenel Bridge to the east and all of South of Broad Charleston to the south west.

Many attending meetings, conferences, and weddings at the Harbour Club now in it’s two hundred year old structure may not realize that aside from it’s esteemed survival history, through fires and floods, it was also the home of the restaurant which created Charleston’s reputation as a fine-dining town. While the Harbour Club opened in 1994 as a venue and membership business club, it was previously known as Colony House. Colony House was Franz Meier’s ode to fine European influenced dining in Charleston. Open for forty years, the Colony House was Charleston’s celebration standby for two generations. Eventually, the owners sold the business and Colony House gave way to the Harbour Club. Not without forever leaving a mark on the memories of native Charlestonians who still lament its closing. Many are members of the famed Harbour Club now.

The food is still just as impressive as it was when Colony House was in full swing and so, if you are lucky enough to get an event or wedding invitation to Harbour Club, take advantage to see the views and have a moment with one of our great historic entertaining structures. The tradition very much continues and we are pleased to provide audiovisual at Charleston Harbour Club.