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Mother Emanuel Charleston is remembered with desperate hearts here


On June 17, 2015, in our beautiful home city, Charleston, SC the lives of nine of our neighbors were taken during bible study at Mother Emanuel Church on Calhoun Street. It was only minutes before the world was coming as fast as they could. In all the noise surrounding this tragedy, it is easy to miss the most important agony of all.

We are a family here at AV Connections. Both actually, and in sentiment. We work together, we live together, we worship together. We serve churches and civic organizations just as did the lost members of Mother Emanuel. We feel the pain of these families; loss so acute that finding the words to write now is nearly impossible. We look on each reached-out hand of a family member with renewed thanks and we agonize for our neighbors at Mother Emanuel whose loss we cannot fathom.

We are angered that anything should be lost to hatred, let alone human life. We are desperately aching for the parents and children who have lost those they cherish most and cannot for a moment hope to understand their pain. We hope only that our prayers are heard for their peace. A better world must await for all of us now, this is the only solace in Charleston’s shared grief.

Charleston Commencement AV Rentals season has returned

commencement AV rentals Charleston SC

It’s that time of year again and Charleston commencement AV Rentals season has returned at AV Connections.

Things get busy with indoor and outdoor events in April and May in Charleston – they are perfect months for weather in our fair city, many events are planned for this time period. This lovely season for visitors also coincides with the graduation and commencements of seven regional schools, among them the Charleston School of Law. AV Connections was pleased to be on hand to provide Charleston commencement AV rentals for this wonderful, if a little misty-eyed, event.

We have been blessed to work with Charleston Law School on various events since it’s founding ten years ago, it is South Carolina’s second law school, the only one in our Low Country. Centrally located among the historic buildings of old Charleston, both it’s reputation and beautiful location make it a desirable school in which to spend three years in the study of law.

We are proud of you, Charleston Law School Class of 2015. We know you’ll go on to do great things in the field of law as well as many others.This graduate degree is both an achievement and a whole new field of opportunities for your dedicated group. We look forward to following your careers, and broadcasting your achievements over and over as the years go by.

Outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston for Bennett Hotel Groundbreaking

outdoor av presentation rentals charleston outdoor av presentation rentals charleston

We had incredible weather for this exciting outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston event. Charleston is growing so quickly, it seems we get to witness several exciting events a week at this point. We’re always pleased to be the outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston provider to broadcast the voices of improvement in our city.

One of the great business forces pushing Charleston forward with an inexhaustable belief in what the city can achieve is certainly the Bennett Group, owners of Holy City Hospitality. With several wonderful restaurants and a hotel already in operation in Charleston, a jewel is about to be added to the crown: The Bennett Hotel. The hotel will be constructed on the former old library site on Marion Square in central-peninsular Charleston. It will be within walking distance to literally everything one might want to do while visiting the city.

Considering what a boon this new hotel location will be for tourism, jobs, and the economy in general in town, we were thrilled to be the outdoor AV presentation rentals Charleston provider selected to help with the groundbreaking ceremony on Marion Square. We wanted to share with you the small construct of the future hotel, we think it is just beautiful and fits in to our historic Holy City perfectly. It is always lovely to see the traditional Charleston architecture get a nod in our new buildings, and the Bennett Hotel combines all of what keeps Charleston beautiful with a central location to keep visitors happy.