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Specialty wedding lighting rentals at High Wire Distillery, Charleston for a beautiful event

Specialty wedding lighting rentals  Charleston SC by AV Connections Specialty wedding lighting rentals  Charleston SC by AV Connections

Not something we do everyday, specialty wedding lighting rentals in a distillery but we loved designing this lighting and it was an incredible, and truly memorable wedding! We were excited to get this call because AV Connections Charleston event lighting group is always floored for a new challenge. We love the creative thinking of holding a reception in a distillery. And we are especially partial to High Wire Distilling as we were their event lighting company who lit their grand opening – we know and love their space well.

While Charleston has more than its far share of extraordinary wedding venues (and for that reason continues to be the number one destination wedding city in the nation), there are still some untapped wedding venues couples planning a wedding in Charleston would do well to consider. The great benefit of a wedding in a location like this, besides the obvious proximity to distilled spirits, is that it is a wedding site like none other your guests have even seen.

For this wedding, the bride and groom choose specialty wedding lighting rentals of strands of cafe bulbs to line the ceiling of the space and give it a warm sparkle once night set in.

Set up at a glance: Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting by AV Connections

Magnolia gardens wedding lighting charleston AV Connections

Today we are taking a glance over our team’s shoulder with a glance into the set up for a Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting job for a recent fall nuptuial on the historic property. The bride and groom choose the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Carriage House for a beautiful autumnal celebration. Both the vows and reception were held on the Magnolia grounds and AV Connections was called upon to create a twinkling rustic night design for the reception.

Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting has just one key to making the lighting both spectacular and correct: Respect the structure. The Carriage House, a most popular Charleston wedding event venue, was built in 1840. It is selected so often because it is truly a Charleston setting, complete with original hardwoods throughout. The key to Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting is to light it to make the structure and its rustic elegance sing. While so many options are available, cafe bulb rentals are a great choice for weddings with differing plans on how they will be hung for each wedding.

Taking into account that this bride and groom wanted to put an elegant spin on a rustic venue, we really thought through the wedding lighting rentals and design to get the most from the long and wide Carriage House, without adding any inelegance to the atmosphere. It is a careful balance 0 you want an amazing party, but you don’t want to go too far. It is AV Connections’ experience with Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting which helps us to achieve things other wedding rental companies cannot: A subtle, warm lighting to a great party. Magnolia Plantation Gardens wedding lighting is one of our favorite jobs, we look forward to helping more wedding planners and brides and grooms have great weddings at this beautiful site.



Wedding lighting for Cooper River Room by AV Connections of Charleston

Wedding lighting for Cooper River Room


AV Connections was so pleased to be the wedding lighting for Cooper River Room weddings once again this past week. Once of Charleston’s most picturesque wedding venues, the Cooper River Room is perched above the Cooper River on the Mt. Pleasant side of metro Charleston. Part of a massive waterfront project to make great public park and venue spaces for the people of Charleston, the Cooper River Room enjoys panoramic views of the mighty river and the bridge. Wedding lighting for Cooper River Room can run the gamut of fabulous indoor and outdoor lighting options: AV Connections has run round lantern rental lighting in strings from one part of the law to another, inside and along tents, and seemingly off into blank space in the night like a magical disappearing act.

Some brides and grooms choose to be inside and that requires a different plan for wedding lighting for Cooper River Room: In that wedding scenario you may consider more standing lantern rentals at the doors and custom color gobo’s inside the Cooper River Room. We also erected LED custom uplighting rentals, and Par 38’s. Other’s choose to erect a tent on the great lawn at the Cooper River Room and there are once again a world of great wedding lighting rentals available from AV Connections of Charleston.

Whether you choose to plan your Charleston wedding yourselves or are working with a local planner, we are happy to have a member of our wedding light design team meet you at the Cooper River Room to discuss great wedding rental options available from AV Connections. When the wedding day arrives you can be certain we will be set up and torn down in a timely fashion and leave you nothing to worry about when it comes to your wedding lighting for Cooper River Room. We look forward to working with you.

Wedding lighting for Cooper River Room

AV Connections new conference AV rental inventory items added for Fall, 2014

AV Connections continues to pursue the finest and most technologically advanced conference AV rental inventory in NC and SC, we are pleased to announce the purchase of a new front line of conference AV rental technology. Our broadened inventory is available to conference AV rental clients throughout the Southeast from our branch offices in North Carolina and South Carolina. We continue to make capital investment in the quality of your conference and meeting presentations as has been our commitment since opening AV Connections thirty years ago.

Our Event Technology team regularly creates lists of new technologies to advance AV Connections presentation rental offerings. included in this season’s inventory buy for both North Carolina and South Carolina conference AV rental selections were:

8000 lumen LCD projectors
Digital video HDMI signal packages
Alma-Barco Screen Pro-II 3G digital switchers
Shure wireless microphone and hand held transmitter sets
Shure wireless digital antennas
Milestone 9×12 projection screens
Milestone 10×10 projection screens
Theatrical screen dress kits
Additional custom lighting options for both special events and conference presentations
Several new chandelier options for wedding and banquet lighting rental options

We are so pleased to offer this new AV rental inventory to our clients throughout the United States. If you are new to AV Connections, now is the time to send us an RFP for your conference or meeting. We’ll be the best priced AV rental company in the United States and we are always pleased to work to your budget. Email us at